Christchurch is the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT & technology hub of the South Island

It is a great base for your home, family, and professional IT work life, whether it to be able to launch adventures across the South Island, or enjoy arts, sports, music & culture and to a enjoy a balanced, safe environment for your family - Christchurch has it all.

We love saying we’re only 20 minutes to the beach and 1 hour to the mountains. But I also love being close to an international airport and having so many parks & green spaces nearby our house - no wonder Christchurch is called the ‘Garden City’.

So what are some of the great things about being an IT professional living & working in Christchurch?

***Clean air & pure water

***Peaceful / relaxed / safe atmosphere

***Great schools for your children

***Three Universities

***Access to the outdoors - surrounding foothills, rivers, lakes, beaches & mountains of Canterbury

***An International Airport with direct links to China, Taiwan, Thailand, Fiji, Rarotonga, Australia & Singapore

***A vibrant IT industry & community

***Lots of parks, swimming pools and safe outdoor spaces

***Line dried washing!

***Great housing options which have gardens, including lifestyle blocks / new housing

***Lots of great stuff to do for all ages - bowling greens, croquet, golf, cycling, walking

***It's flat so it's very easy to bike around but we also have the Port Hills

***Loads of tramping (hiking) & mountain biking with a new $20M MTBike park that opened in December 2016

***Minimal traffic - you can just about get anywhere across Christchurch within 20 mins

***Great cafes (exceptional coffee), bars, pubs, vineyards (Craft beer & wine scene) & awesome restaurants

***Arts & Culture - musical theatre / opera / classical / DJs / rock gigs

***30 minute flight to Wellington, 1 hr 20 to Auckland, 3 hours to Sydney, Australia

A cool video of around Christchurch produced by the Christchurch City Council

***Lots of team sports - cricket, soccer, rugby, netball, hockey, tennis etc

***How many golf courses do we have in the Canterbury Region? 40 Something?

***New Zealand has the most golf courses in the work per capita

***Thousands of rock climbing routes

***We have a harbour which is ideal for sailing / boating / kayaking / stand up paddle boarding 

***Beaches for diving, sunbathing, surfing, boating, fishing, camping

***Mountains 1 hour away for hiking (1000 backcountry huts across the South Island), skiing / snowboarding 

***An estuary for learning to sail, wind surf & kite board

***The opportunity to get a decent house with a garden near shops, parks & local amenities

***Fantastic work / life balance with short commute times - many people bike to work!

***The 'Garden City’ - has many local green spaces / parks / playgrounds / gardens

***The gateway to the South Island


Innovation in Christchurch, Canterbury & New Zealand

New Zealand is seen as a tourist destination for adventure sports and stunning natural beauty, but did you know about our vibrant IT & technology sector?

Canterbury has seen Richard Pearse inventing the first flying machine in 1903 (just 9 months before the Wright brothers), Rutherford splitting the atom in 1917 to Bill Hamilton developing the jet boat (and the ski rope tow) to travel up our shallow rivers in the 1950’s, John Britten designing the V1000 motorbike which broke speed records & won the world championship - Christchurch & the Canterbury region is full of innovative and inspiring history.  

Wider New Zealand has seen Bungy jumping, the Electric Fence, Ski Planes and Zorbs and shall I throw in legendary climber Sir Edmund Hillary's achievement of being the first to stand on top of the world climbing Mount Everest with Tensing!?

New Zealand has a rich heritage of pioneers, creators and innovators which are recognised around the world and we haven't stopped innovating yet!

This is spanned through to a raft of software & product development companies coming to fruition through the 80's, 90's, and the Noughties– yes we area farming nation and are proud of our agricultural history and sports did I mention the All Blacks!?  But IT & technology is thriving and we need great talent like YOU!

New Zealand and especially the South Island is known for its rich geography, wildlife and flora – beaches to mountains and everything in between….coveted with 4 distinct seasons. But did you know about our top class universities and thriving IT industry? Termed the ‘Silicon Plains’ after the Canterbury Plains we not only support our strong mainstream businesses within NZ but have a rich heritage of exporting software products & services to the US and the wider global village.


Well we have the time difference factor for a start – we’re ahead of time literally and that means we can fix an issue while our US customers ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. We're an outsourcing option who speaks English as our first language, are well-educated and show a classic kiwi mentality to get the job done - whatever the challenge might be!

So why don't you consider an IT career within New Zealand whether you're just starting university or looking to immigrate to New Zealand from another country. We'd love to have you join our exciting, vibrant IT & Technology sector and have you enjoy the great outdoor, healthy lifestyle for you & your family that comes with living in Aotearoa - Land of the Long White Cloud.

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Sumner Beach, Christchurch photo by Sunstone

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Paul is Founder & Principal Consultant at Sunstone, an IT Recruitment & HR company specialising in recruiting IT roles within software, web, mobile, blockchain, big data, infrastructure, security & networks in Christchurch & South Island of New Zealand.