A natural step for many experienced or qualified IT professionals is to take the next step into the contracting world….


But what are the pluses & minuses of becoming an IT Contractor?

What about Tax? When will I get paid? How do I manage financially between contracts?



Some of the key questions to ask yourself first are:


  1. Do I have the people contacts?
  2. Are there some of my ex-employers I could ring up now and know they’d potentially have me back on contract?
  3. Can I financially go between a contract for 2-3 months?
  4. Would my partner want me hanging around home in the downtime?
  5. Do I have software or personal projects I can work on when I'm 'out of contract'?
  6. Am I prepared to get out & network / partner with agencies to secure my next contract?
  7. Am I prepared to be flexible to work on-site & from home or both?
  8. Am I quick to learn a new environment - both technical & company?


So what are the Pros?


***Variety of projects

***Neutral point of view / detached from the in-house politics

***Hourly or daily pay rate

***Become a Specialist

***Become a Generalist

***Gain a lot of different domain experience in a short time

***Work on cutting edge projects that demand specialist technical skills

***Claim back work / travel / tools / entertainment / expenses



What are the Cons?


***Having to stay current with latest technologies

***Have to learn a new environment very quickly

***Paying your own tax / engaging an accountant

***Setting up as Sole Trader or Limited Company = $160NZD

***Gaps between contracts…

***Delay in payment from time of invoice

***Having to do the jobs that others don’t want to do!

***Time pressure to deliver projects can mean some demanding hours if needed

***Flexible to travel to client sites 


It’s not for everyone……But the rewards are great!


Paul can give you expert advice on the IT Contract recruitment market & types of assignments on offer, having been a contractor himself for a number of years and as owner of Sunstone Group Limited.

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