As many new coding languages & frameworks constantly evolve Java has always been a strong OO language with the ability to be industrial strength & has always flown the flag in the OpenSource community. But what about all these new languages like Python & Ruby biting at its heels?


With Oracle acquiring Sun Microsystems in 2010 suddenly Oracle, previously a software vendor, now had both UNIX hardware & a software product line in Java.


But how has Java lasted the test of time? It seems that the advantage Java has is that it can be deployed across heterogeneous environments....


In Christchurch, New Zealand we have some strong Java software houses that look out for Java skills whether it be - Java Software Developers, Java DevOps / Systems Engineers, Java Automation Test Engineers, BIG Data Developers (Java/Hadoop) and Android Developers.


We've also seen a bit of renaissance in the IT jobs market with Java being a language associated with the BIG Data platform Hadoop and developing Mobile Apps in Android which has made it still a very attractive language in modern IT.  Java continues to have a very strong following being improved & enhanced with the new release of Java 9 scheduled for September 2016.


Java is certainly not dead by any means and remains one of the most popular programming languages in the world because of its scalability & stability with many financial institutions, banking & insurance companies using it, development of Mobile Apps and large data processing software houses / companies like Google, Amazon, eBay and Netflix.


Java is not going away anytime soon.......


Check out some of our current Java IT jobs in Christchurch & the South Island, NZ here:



Java Developer, Christchurch, NZ


Automation Engineer (Java/Python), Christchurch, NZ


Java DevOps / Linux Systems Engineer, Christchurch, NZ


Android Mobile Apps / Java Developer, Christchurch, NZ



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