Over the past few years I’ve seen Developer role requirements go from "we need a ‘front-end’ or ‘back-end’ developer" to "we want a great C# Developer oh and with lots of CSS/HTML5/JavaScript front-end"….to "WE WANT A Full Stack C#.Net Developer"….


I guess with web being everywhere now and applications being presented on the browser, on all devices known to man….the full stack developer role has evolutionised with clients wanting core language skills like C#.Net combined with associated popular front-end technologies to be able to present their application effectively out in the wild......




But why has C# as a language remained so popular with so many new options available to programmers?



***C# goes OpenSource in November 2014


***Ability to build Mobile Apps in C# using Xamarin


***Typescript is another key language (a super set of JavaScript) that is linking C# to JavaScript client-side & server-side frameworks and is designed by Lead C# Architect Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft…..


***Gaming engine Unity is coded in C#


Is C# going to take another leap with it’s ability to work with Unity on VR when Samsung ships the new Galaxy?


Now when you buy the new Galaxy S7 you’ll get a free Gear VR Oculus which is going to light the fire for new development on this mind blowing & accessible (yes you just plug the mobile into the head set) platform!


Paul tries out the Occulus VR headset

Paul tries out the Occulus VR headset


Anyways there’s my 2 cents from an IT Recruiter’s point of view that I see happening in the IT Jobs market in Christchurch, NZ……



And while we're on the subject here’s a bunch of C#.Net development roles we’re currently recruiting in Christchurch, NZ:


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Senior Full Stack ASP.Net/C#.Net Developer, IT Jobs Christchurch NZ

Senior C#.Net Web Developer (React / Node.js) / Software Engineer, IT Jobs Christchurch NZ

Intermediate C#.Net/SQL Software Developer , IT Jobs Christchurch NZ

Senior Full Stack C#.Net/SQL/JavaScript Software Developer for consultancy, IT jobs Christchurch NZ

Team Lead Full Stack C#.Net Developer / Architect, IT Jobs Christchurch


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