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Very simply security of Information. 

Candidates asking for info on a client ‘who’s the company?’ can potentially be tyre kickers. IT recruiters want to see some form of commitment & this is signified by updating your CV & sending it through to them.

It’s a trust thing.

But what about just using your LinkedIn profile? 

Well yes nearly everyone has one but we often want more technical detail on the projects you’ve worked on & again producing an updated CV shows you’re ready to go...

But what if I don’t want to be put forward to that company? 

That’s fine. Good IT recruiters won’t do this but they want to have the conversation with you, so they can answer your questions & tell you what you want to know about the role, culture & company. This is vital information that you can’t find out on the web, earnt through hours of experience spent by the IT recruitment consultant working with a client over many months or many years.

If you don’t have a CV that’s ok we really encourage catching up for a coffee to discuss your career and are always happy to help you with advice on the market, how to grow, be successful & happy.

An experienced IT recruiter only has so many hours in the day & if they’re talking to you it’s often because they strongly believe the role has potential to be a good match. Trusting them to get you in front of clients can reap the best IT contracts or permanent roles in your career.

On the flip side If they’re not talking to you, they probably don’t have something for you.

In the digital age it’s often easy to search and find companies to send CVs to. Often a company has chosen to work with an IT recruiter for two main reasons.  Time and effort.  Usually they have built a relationship with an IT recruiter they trust & have them work through all the people that contact them, and reach out to until they find the right ones for their company.  It saves them a lot of their valuable time and means they can get on with making their business successful and only meet people who are likely to be right for them.

Clients are often time poor & trust experienced IT recruiters that when they send through that CV of a rockstar Dev it’s because they believe that person can add significant value to your team.

It’s a very outcome based model, in which IT recruiters only get rewarded on success which drives & motivates strong results for both candidates & clients.

Choose & work with experienced, specialist IT recruiters in a market they know thoroughly & they will be able to give you superb advice on how to maximise your potential in the IT job market or find your next superstar candidate who could take your software products to the next level!

I hope this is helpful for both IT candidates & IT clients & gives a useful insight into the mindset of the IT recruiter….

I'm Paul, Founder & Principal Consultant of Sunstone, an IT Recruitment & HR company specialising in recruiting IT roles within software, web, mobile, blockchain, big data, infrastructure, security & networks in Christchurch & South Island of New Zealand.

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