You might be a Computer Science graduate or have just never used an IT recruitment agency before as a candidate so how does it all work? You might be a company looking for IT staff & have exhausted your networks & need to reach out to an agency to find specialist IT skills. 


How does it work?


IT Recruitment Process

Once you decide to look for a new role, either as a permanent staff member or as a contractor, it's time to start the hunt!  We advertise all our roles on our website, and most of them are also on either Trade Me or Seek.  

Once you apply to an advert or direct to the IT recruitment agency you are interviewed by an IT recruiter so they can get to know you.

The IT Recruiter gives you advice which might be about your CV, what the IT job market is looking for at the moment and information about any roles that might be a good match for you and they'll let you know about salary expectations.  They'll also find out information about your technical skills and qualifications, what your notice period is and any requirements you have about your location.

If you're suitable for an IT role you are submitted to the Client by the IT recruiter sending your CV.  

If the Client would like to see you, the IT Recruiter arranges an interview time and date, and sends you through a detailed interview confirmation confirming who you're meeting with, when and where, and some background on the roles, projects & company.  If there are subsequent interviews, they liaise between you and the company.  Some companies interview 2 or 3 times before appointing the right person for a permanent role, normally just 1 interview for contract.

After your interview, the IT Recruiter talks both with the Client and you and provides feedback.  If the Client would like to offer you a role we'll help you through the offer process and organise your references and any other requirements the client might have.

We'll then help to arrange a start date, ensure your contract has been sent through by the Client and help to explain anything you're unsure of in the paperwork.  Then it's up to you to hand in your notice.  Your IT recruiter can also advise on any questions you have before you start your new role and in your first few weeks.


Advantages of using an IT recruiter from the candidate side:

***Meeting an IT recruiter is an excellent way to understand your local IT job market & make sure you are doing the right things to enhance your career & understand the next realistic steps to achieve your career goals.

***You'll receive Insight into what the client is looking for

***Get Interview tips & coaching 

***Sound career advice 

***Gain market knowledge of other clients that are looking for your skill set 

***IT Recruiters can proactively & speculatively put your details to clients who look for your skill set to open doors for you

***They can refer you to other connected people 

***Give advice on networking / user groups within your industry domain 


Advantages of using an IT recruiter from the client side:

***Meeting an IT recruiter is an excellent way to understand your local IT job market, ensure you're paying market rates & staying up-to-date with market trends & job hunters' expectations

***IT recruiters can handle applications & manage the hiring process professionally for you

***Can manage technical testing or run psychometric testing process for you 

***Give professional feedback to candidates - good & bad 

***Provide interim / IT contract solutions if the permanent specialist / IT hire could take a long time

***Give advice to organisational structure / team / approach / scarcity of skills & level of experience etc 

***You will only pay a fee when you get an outcome / result


I hope this is a good snapshot & insight into how it all works.....


I'm Paul, Founder & Principal Consultant of Sunstone, an IT Recruitment & HR company specialising in recruiting IT roles within software, web, mobile, blockchain, big data, infrastructure, security & networks in Christchurch & South Island of New Zealand.