Like many industries financial services, banking & share / stock trading, and payments have been good targets for disruption with a profusion of new, faster solutions coming to the fore.

So why is this?

With large distributed systems giving huge computing power, software can automate processes that eliminate human error and large banks and financial organisations can gain major wins in efficiencies & competitive advantage….

Software companies can provide real-time trading systems that allow for high availability data with low latency that can eliminate human error on the more manual tasks & provide quicker decision making.

So what exactly does High Availability mean?

High availability is when your apps remain available and accessible without any interruption and serve their intended function seamlessly. HA is achieved when your database cluster continues to operate even if one or more servers go down.

What is Low Latency?

Low Latency describes a computer network that is optimised to process a very high volume of data with minimal delay (latency). These networks are designed to support operations that require near real-time access to rapidly changing data.

One of our clients uses a cutting edge data-orientated architecture that enables seamless integration of software systems, super clear visibility and control over enterprise data, and a wide range of large integrated business applications that enables scaleable high performance trading applications for some of the largest financial organisations on earth.

It’s an exciting industry as you have the opportunity to work with super fast software on super fast networks using cutting edge techniques with the excitement that millions of dollars are traded every day. It’s not for everyone but if you want to work with the best in the business and raise your game get in touch with Paul

We currently have a number of roles we’re looking to recruit for an exciting growing Christchurch office:

Trading Systems Support Engineer 

Applications Support Engineer

Technical Implementation Software Consultant (Trading Systems)

Technical Implementation Software Consultant

Senior Network Engineer 

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